Frequently Asked Questions

What is BizYellow?

BizYellow is a web page that helps your business be more visible to your customers online. BizYellow pages are built to rank high on search engines such as Google and Bing, and designed to be easy for you to manage.

Can anyone set up a BizYellow web page?

BizYellow web pages are only available to subscribers of Yellow Pages United.

How much does a BizYellow web pages cost?

BizYellow web pages are available at no additional cost to Yellow Pages United Subscribers.

If I already have a BizYellow page as a Yellow Pages United subscriber, why do I need to confirm and customize my BizYellow web page?

We've created BizYellow web pages for all of our subscribers, but until you go to your page to confirm that you own the business and fill in all of your business information, your BizYellow page displays only your business name and address.

By taking a few minutes to customize your BizYellow page with a description of your business hours of operation, link to your website and other information, you’ll be making sure your business is more easily found online by your customers.

Please bear with us as we take safety measures regarding the coronavirus. As you know, BizYellow is included as part of your listing with Yellow Pages United. In regards to your Yellow Pages United Account, here's what we're doing:

Until further notice, we're holding invoices for businesses hardest hit.

We can answer some calls, but we'll have limited capacity while we work out remote solutions and new business hours. This should get better during the coming days.

You can do just about anything with your Yellow Pages United account by signing in at: You'll need your invoice number and zip code.

If you are able to pay for your Yellow Pages United listing associated with your BizYellow page at this time, please do. We are a small business and it helps us keep the lights on and take care of our employees. It is greatly appreciated. If not, that's okay too. We know these are difficult times.

Our people are family to us. Thanks again for your support.