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Please bear with us as we take safety measures regarding the coronavirus. As you know, BizYellow is included as part of your listing with Yellow Pages United. In regards to your Yellow Pages United Account, here's what we're doing:

Until further notice, we're holding invoices for businesses hardest hit.

We can answer some calls, but we'll have limited capacity while we work out remote solutions and new business hours. This should get better during the coming days.

You can do just about anything with your Yellow Pages United account by signing in at: You'll need your invoice number and zip code.

If you are able to pay for your Yellow Pages United listing associated with your BizYellow page at this time, please do. We are a small business and it helps us keep the lights on and take care of our employees. It is greatly appreciated. If not, that's okay too. We know these are difficult times.

Our people are family to us. Thanks again for your support.