Great features that showcase your business

Search engine optimized

Potential customers searching online for the kinds of products or services you sell are most likely to buy from companies listed highest in search results. With a BizYellow web page, you'll have an online presence that's been optimized to rank higher in search engine results, putting your business in front of your competition.


According to Google, nearly three-quarters of people use their mobile device to find a business to make an in-store purchase. BizYellow pages are mobile-friendly, so customers can easily find the information that statistics show they want the most: your location, clickable phone number, reviews and social links, all on one page. See example.

Photo & video uploading

Show your products and services to potential customers, making their decision to buy easier. Your BizYellow business web page includes a photo gallery, and you can upload or edit your photos at any time from your dashboard. You can also embed videos, then easily share links to them on Twitter and Facebook.

Customer reviews

Testimonials from customers help your business in two ways: new customers are more likely to buy when others have had a good experience, and you can learn more about what is and isn't working. Your BizYellow page allows customers to rate and review your company with just one click, and lets you respond to their comments.

Coupon creation

E-coupons that can be redeemed on a mobile device have 10 times the redemption rate of printed coupons, per the Mobile Marketing Association. Your BizYellow page lets you easily upload coupons at any time, giving your customers one more reason to do business with you.

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Custom content

Use the "About Us" section to create a keyword-rich description of your business, products and services. This helps search engines index your page and searchers find your business. Adding additional sections like hours of operation also helps build your profile while attracting customers and getting your page to rank higher.

Social media made easy

Seamlessly connect your BizYellow account to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Tweet about the new coupon you created or update your Facebook status with your daily special, all without leaving your dashboard.

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